2016 WSL Season Start

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So have your fantasy teams prepared, and let your bosses know that you'll be taking your lunch in your cubicle as the 2016 WSL surfing season starts this week at Snapper Rocks. Hopefully the surf can stick around since the super bank has possibly proven that there is a perfect wave. If you haven't seen footage, you should do that now, Cyclone Winston has been rifiling off endless barrels for those of the tour that came early. Snapper being the first of the season often reflects the winner of the entire season, except last year. Felipe Toledo won in very questionable conditions and was the first one not to win the Championship in the last few years. Adriano De Souza, last years Champ and not a winner of Snapper, will be fighting hard this year to maintain the crown, although many suspect that he will falter. Only a couple legends have ever won back to back. Mick Fanning is always a favorite at his homebreak, recently said that he is only going to do a handful of events this year so he can have a personal year. Understandable Mick! You can bet that has some surfers foaming at the mouth since Mick has come in 2nd respectfully the last two years. This year we got a whole new slew of rookies, most notable being Californian Connor Coffin. Snapper is the perfect venue for him to make his WCT premier since we all know the kid can surf a right point. Seems the WSL is exponentially getting better and better with each year, When they make the call that any of the events are "on!" give us a call. If it works out we may have it on our projector, bring your pennies and maybe you'll find a salty contender to hedge your bets. Have a good one!

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