Hells Bells 2016

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Well get your Fantasy teams in order, the 2nd stop on the WSL is starting very soon at Bells Beach in Victoria, Australia. The oldest of all stops on tour never seems to bore spectators. Going into this event we have a new World Number One and that is Matty Wilkinson. Nobody saw it coming, some say it was a fluke, but you couldn't deny his backhand attack at Snapper. Wilko is a legend amongst legends and whether you like his surfing or not, he is more like you and I than most other pros. Always keen to have a beer and talk about surfing. Which brings us to the next point, if you're around our LA shop and wanna come watch some surfing and drink a beer, cruise on in, if the contest runs we'll have it on the projector. Bells is a good place to focus on pros rail surfing, linking of turns, not much for barrels, but end sections have drawn some famous ten pointers out of the best of them. Just watch last years John John's perfect ten, or a few years back Kelly's famous buzzer beating 360 no grab air. After a lot of the young new guys on tour wiped the floor with the vets at Snapper, I'd bet some rad surfing should be up next for this event even though there is nothing major for the forecast of the event. Looks like there will be a few days of head high waves to slightly bigger. Make your picks and finalize your bets, our WSL group is public to join - Shaper Supply. Let us if you win the event and we'll send some free shit.

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