Margaret's 2016

And now we are into the last contest of the Australian leg of the world tour. Margaret’s River, which has probably the most exciting back spots. Look up, North Point, or the Box and indulge yourself. Bells did not disappoint this year with about as many upsets as one could imagine. Parko, John John, Kelly, Gabe, Adriano, Julian, Jeremy all out after round three! Everyone had some of those bros on their team that's for sure. No one expected Matty Wilkinson to win another event, going from his first win ever at Snapper to a follow up win at Bells. He has 20k point between him and rookie second place Connor Coffin (Santa Barbara represent!), that’s a fucking margin if you ever seen one.
Although this contest is much different than the previous two, Marg’s we should see the boys break out some of those bigger wave boards. Last year was a shocker as well with Adriano taking the win in some macking waves that a lot of people doubted him in. It can easily be stated that this would be one of Wilko’s weakness spots, if he get’s a quart final or better, I’d put money on him to win the tour this year. Also, if you have some free time check out Wilko’s bar tab from his after party win at Bells. What a legend. Stop in and make some foolish bets at Shaper Supply while the contest is on, maybe you could win yourself a bar of wax or end up cleaning the floors!

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