Oi Rio Pro 2016

Well it wouldn't be surprising if no one noticed but today was the opening round of the Oi Rio Pro. Usually, most fans bark and whine about this stop on tour, and it definitely has quite a few set backs. But Holy Hell, we just got down with three Australian events that were all right points, and not the best waves either. Besides all the shit (literally shit in the water), street violence (Connor Coffin and Carissa Moore witnessed a murder in the street two days ago), and often times lack of waves, I personally enjoy this event. The unruly record breaking hordes of people that show up adds a touch of sincerity in the so called Brazilian Storm. It's also fun to see the top 34 duke it out in waves that we can relate to. But whether I like it or not, it always seems to kinda just be a bit meh, and unmemorable. Like for instance, we forgot to get a pre-event write up to our crew, the guy who won Margaret's in our fantasy group, forgot to add 4 surfers! Kelly and Parko just kinda said "yeah, not gonna do that". Their excuse being lackluster waves could also come from a feeling deep down, that this event is for the new younger crowd. Don't often like to make predictions but from today's surfing, but I'd say it looks like an Italo vs Nat final. Don't quote me tho. If anyone wants to take a break arguing about politics with their family and come on down and argue about why a Brazilian event is absolutely necessary, I am all ears. Don't forget to grab some cold ones from the liquor store next door.


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