Fiji Pro 2016

Hope anyone that enjoys watching surfing did not miss out on some of the highlights that the Fiji Pro had to offer. All during the contest it seemed like the cream of the crop were finally showing up, pulling their weight and posting some seriously high scores. Gabe Medina walked away drenched in champagne from the podium after Wilko's had a shocker of a final. Gabe may have won the entire event, but the best heat of the year, the best surfing seen in 2016, didn't even take place on finals day. If you missed the the Taj/John John heat. Stop what you're doing now, and go back and watch that. Taj said it was the perfect way to end his career, even tho he lost to Florence. The tour will miss Taj, as we all will. Guess who else showed up? Kelly, might as well and re-watch that ten point ride he had too. Even though he is looking back to regular form, you gonna gamble him on the next stop? 

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