Hurley Pro Trestles 2016

Photo: John Zanussi

Trestles like it or not, is our premier wave on the mainland. We may have other attractions, but Lowers, is our most world class, most popular, seasonally consistent wave that we have. Instead of arguing it, saying things like Ocean Beach, SF is better, Rincon, Malibu, we should embrace it. Many times you will be on a surf trip somewhere and hear someone say something like, oh yeah it's a lot like Trestles. For those of you who have surfed it, you get to say "oh yeah" with a smirk, cause you know it's not gonna be anything quite like it, their comments usually means the wave will be soft. Lowers is not that, the best description I can think of for a Lowers wave, is that it makes you a better surfer than you are. Those cobble stones make for the perfect speed, and shape to make it as user friendly as can be with out being a mush burger. So why not watch the world's best surfers surf a wave that's going to showcase their talents of performance? 

You'll hear the words "coping", "high performance"  more from this contest than any other, it does get exhausting. But, do you remember when John got like a bazzilion 10's only to lose to Jordy? That was highly entertaining and makes "coping" comments a little easier to cope with. When the waves show up, which it looks like it may, this is the pinnacle of the highest performance surfing you can watch live on the planet. Pipe has the barrels and we know that, but Trestles has the performance. This years title race is looking to be one of the better bouts we have had in recent years. 

Of course with this event Brazilians always litter everyones fantasy teams. What will be interesting to watch for this year will be how Kelly Slater performs after his fantastic dominance of Tahiti. How John's ankle is gonna effect him, which by the footage seems nil. John, Gabe, and Wilko still in a title race. Is John John gonna dominate for the rest of the year? Is this year John's year, or is Kelly revving up right now, just to squash his dreams for his last hooray before retirement. Oh yeah Mick Fanning is in this contest too, how about that? Would you bet against Mick not putting some lightening into this contest? This may be the first year, where I wouldn't put everything on Felipe. Get your teams in order, waiting period starts on the 7th. 
September 05, 2016
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