J-Bay Open 2016

Photo: Grambeau

Jeffery's Bay is another highlight of the tour, even with it's bad time zones and quick changing conditions. Some big questions are gonna be; Is Mick surfing? And if so, does that shark still want a piece of him?  Jbay usually brings out the best of the best. HIghly recommended watching would be the Surfer Magazine movie "High Line", as well as any wave that Tom Curren ever caught on the African right hander. Jordy Smith will be an obvious pick for most, but watch out for Connor Coffin and Adriano DeSouza as they seem to have a good relationship with this location. If Wilko finishes quarterfinals or more, you might be looking at the next world champ, don't think so? Well let's make some bets when we get to that bridge. It did seem that John John was starting to get in form and it's hard not to notice how comfortable Gabe looked at Fiji, almost like he did back when he won the whole damn thing. So get your teams in order, cause it's cruising up fast on us, also hope you get some summer waves as it looks like we got some action on the way. Yew

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