Meo Rip Curl Pro 2016

The tour takes on the small town of Peniche for the second to last contest of the 2016 season. All eyes on Gabe and John. An early exit from Florence opens the chances for Medina, and vice versa. Both have shown in the past that they have what it takes to win at Supertubes. If John goes out early, and Gabe wins, then the crowning of the champ will have to wait till a showdown at Pipe, and who doesn't want that? Ill tell ya who, John, if he wins, and Gabe goes out early, then he has sealed the deal on the Portugese shores. He has looked more focus than ever and more in form. He's won an Eddie this year, he may win the title, and then who would count him out for the Triple Crown? That would be a first ever in surfing history. Just one of the first of "firsts" for this legend. We will shall see what happens. A Gabe/John final would be an event for you to not miss, maybe keep your schedule open or make a list of excuses to be used just at the right moment. I'd put both on your teams to play it safe, but if you had to bet, I'd put all my coins on John sealing the deal at Supertubes. A dark horse to watch out for would be Kai Otton who has won in the past but also has had a bad year, go get em Ottz! 

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