Quik Pro France 2016

Photo: Trevor Moran

As the tour leaves Southern California for the European Leg, one thing is for certain, Jordy has a shot at this title but we are entering the European Leg of the tour where JJF usually dominates. Ah the Euro Leg, if you ever get a chance, its a fantastic time to join the tour in person, great food, ta ta's on the beach, and heaving tubes that aren't as scary as Chopes or Fiji, although there was the year that Jeremy Flores got the two wave hold down mere feet from the shore. The French beachbreaks can be unpredictable and shifty but highly entertaining. One of the best contests to see in person, and home to some of the best show downs in contest history (go watch the Dane and Kelly final from a few years ago if you've forgotten). After losing out early at Trestles, you can bet John John will have the right mindset and this has looked like his year so far. If I were a betting man, I'd say stay away from wild cards at this event and put a pile on Two Johns. The veterans seem to have an advantage as this place is a lot harder than it looks, also I wouldn't bet against Kelly. 

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