Pro Glassing Tool Kit

$475.00 USD

The Pro Glassing Tool kit provides all the tools needed to efficiently glass a surfboard. Kit includes: (1) Milwaukee Sander / Polisher, (1) 8-inch Sanding Pad, (3) 80-Grit Round Adhesive Discs, (3) 120-Grit Round Adhesive Discs(3) 220-Grit Round Adhesive Discs, (1) Bodi-Bottle, (8) Quart Size Graduated Mixing Cups, Re-useable Ansell Canner Gloves, (2) 4" Chip Brushes, (1) 6' Rubber Spreader, (1) 3/4" Masking Tape, (1) 1.5" Masking Tape, and (1) Gerson Vapor Respirator Kit.

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