Resin Research Bio-XB

$68.00 USD

The new Resin Research Bio-Science resins are ECOBOARD certified plant-based epoxies which offer a reduced carbon footprint. 

This XB "Xtra-Bright" resin is a step up in brightness from CE, to fill the trend of optically brightened / enhanced surfboards. The result from using XB on a white board is sometimes referred to as a "glowing" brightness. 

XB is not intended for use resin tints, airbrush color, or wood laminates. Use Resin Research Bio-Clear with colorwork instead. 

Slow Hardener (2100S) pot life ~ 30 mins, flip time ~ 4 hrs. 
Fast Hardener (2100F) pot life ~ 20 mins, flip time ~ 2 hrs.
Kwik Kick (KWIK) 
pot life ~ 15 mins, flip time ~ 45 mins.

* Fast hardener 3-quart size pictured. 

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