Gore-Tex Vent Glass-In

$20.00 USD

The Casica Gore-Tex Vent Plugs are "Self-Venting" which means there is no need to open and close it. These are the highest quality vent plugs available and will last the lifetime of the board. Beware of imitation vents as the membrane of these vents is a very specialized component, and similar generic vents have been notorious to cause problems. 

The Casica Gore-Tex Glass-In Vent is designed to be installed prior to hotcoating and glassed over. Installation requires a 1" forster bit (preferred), or short-bit holesaw (similar to the FCS X2 holesaw), or a 1" plunge router.

2017 Update - Vent outer insert is now grey in color and vent element (screw) remained black. 

Vent elements are not warranted for installation breakage. Click for Casica Gore-Tex Vent Plug Installation Manual.