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Kinetix 110X - Kits

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Kinetix 110X Surfboard Epoxy Resin System - Australia's #1 surfboard epoxy resin now available in the US. This resin results in a glowing white color that gets significantly brighter outdoors. Offers a brighter white and more resistance to yellowing than any other epoxy in the US market. This is the preferred resin for white boards as surfboards will retain a higher value without yellowing. 

This kit includes the 130 Hardener "Fast" which is design to improve production times. With 130 Hardener, the board can be flipped within 3 hours and sanded within 5 hours at 77 degrees fahrenheit. 

Excellent adhesion to polyester topcoats. 

The resin is significantly brighter in the sun and under shop lights. 

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