Kinetix 110X - 3 Gal Kit

$220.00 USD

Kinetix 110X Surfboard Epoxy Resin System - Australia's #1 surfboard epoxy resin now available in the US. This resin results in a glowing white color that gets significantly brighter outdoors. Offers a brighter white and more resistance to yellowing than any other epoxy in the US market. This is the preferred resin for white boards as surfboards will retain a higher value without yellowing. 

This kit includes the 130 Hardener "Fast" which is design to improve production times. With 130 Hardener, the board can be flipped within 3 hours and sanded within 5 hours at 77 degrees fahrenheit. 

Excellent adhesion to polyester topcoats. 

The resin is significantly brighter in the sun and under shop lights. 110X in not suitable for glassing surfboards that are intended to have a clear timber or clear carbon finish.

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