Millennium 9'9 Y

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The̴ Millennium Foam 9'9 Y was designed by Renny Yater. This is a newer, updated version of the original Clark Foam 9'9 Y. Plenty of width front and back. Built with the 9’6” longboard in mind.

  • Maximum Width: 25 3/16"
  • Maximum Thickness: 3 3/8"
  • Stock Density: Blue
  • Volume: 114.0 L
  • Comparable: US Blank 9'9 Y and Arctic 9'9 LB

Millennium Foam produces high quality polyurethane surfboard blanks that are available in the US. The cell structure is tight, yet not difficult to shape. Millennium Foam blanks are known for being strong, light, and bright white.

Custom order available for other stringer types or rocker changes. 

Most blanks can ship anywhere in the continental US for a shipping fee of $225.

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