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Shaping Lessons

Shaper Supply offers surfboard shaping lessons to the general public. For nearly the price of a brand new production board, we provide the student with all the materials, tools, and live instruction necessary to create a surfboard. Upon completion, the surfboard you shaped is yours to keep, and the lesson provides you the ability to shape additional surfboards on your own.


Shaping lessons offered by Shaper Supply are unique because there is no time limit. The majority of the lesson consists of verbal instruction, and the student shapes over 75% of the board. Unlike the learning curve in becoming and experienced surfer, a high-end surfboard can be shaped the first time with our oversight. Student and instructor will work one-on-one through all phases of the design and construction of a surfboard, using both traditional and modern tools, techniques and materials.


With the mass production of surfboards on the rise, Shaper Supply wishes to keep tradition alive by teaching individuals how to craft their own surfboards. We are passionate about surfcraft and want to inspire you to shape a functional, high-end surfboard. Shaping your own board and then surfing it is one of the best experiences you can have, and this will open the way to for you to enjoy the rewards of creating your own surfboards.




Introductory Shaping Lesson


  • Designed for people with no previous shaping experience.
  • One-on-one professional instruction to shape a surfboard from a foam blank.
  • Covers surfboard design, shaping bay, tool selection and safety, rough shaping, rail design, fine-tuning, and finish-sanding.
  • Once your board is shaped, we then professionally glass it for you.
  • Includes custom logo - you provide the artwork.
  • Requires approx. 6 hours for boards under 8'6 (booked in 2 sessions or 1 full day).
  • +$300 for boards 8'6 and up.   
  • No hidden charges - course cost will result in a complete board.




Monthly Membership - $225/month
  • Unlimited use of our professional shaping bays.
  • Monthly, or any 30-day period.
  • Includes full use of all equipment and tools.
Yearly Membership - $875/year
  • Unlimited use of our professional shaping bays.
  • Yearly, or any 356-day period.
  • Includes full use of all equipment and tools.




Looking for something more? We also offer Master Series Shaping Lessons, which can be used for the experienced shaper looking to refine their skills, and also for those without previous shaping experience. These lessons are taught by local veteran surfboard shaper Scott Anderson. Please email to inquire about Master Series lesson pricing. 


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