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December 02 2018 – Florian Saylor

History of Surfing in Florida Recreated Shaping Bay

The Museum of Florida History has just completed its exhibit on the history of surfing in Florida. The exhibit includes 30+ boards and a recreated shaping bay. If you look closely, you can see a couple Shaper Supply tools in the bay. The exhibit runs through June 23, 2019 and more info can be found here: 

History of Surfing in Florida Exhibit


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  • M. Dennis Litchfield Surfboards: December 04, 2018
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    Wonderful show here about , “The History of Surfing and Surfboard making in Florida” Lisa Dunbar from the Museum of Florida History contacted me about 5-6 months ago and here it is. She and her team planned and built this great example of Florida Surfing History. Lisa and the team went surfing to get the real feel of riding waves They came to the factory lots to see how the boards are made. Good copy of my shaping room. Litchfield Surfboards is the largest lender, because I live down the road in Wakulla County. Surfing is a great life style.LITCHFIELDSURFBOARDS.COM Thanks and go see the Museum!

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