Shaper Supply provides tools and materials for manufacturing or repairing surfboards, paddleboards, and other various marine craft. We supply a wide selection of high-quality hand tools, foam surfboard blanks, polyester and epoxy resins, fiberglass cloth, resin colorants, other art supplies and clothing made for the shop. 

Founded in 2011, Shaper Supply was initially a retail shop in Venice, California. It originally opened after a longtime resin and fiberglass supplier in Santa Monica went out of business. In addition to supplying the area with resin and fiberglass, the original Shaper Supply retail shop also offered all other materials needed to build or repair a surfboard. However, as the retail economics for the area quickly changed, Shaper Supply turned its focus from retail to the wholesale and ecommerce portion of its business. 

Shaper Supply is now the largest online source in the US for surfboard manufacturing tools and materials. Currently with its warehouse location in the Pacific Northwest, Shaper Supply continues its focus on offering the widest selection of high-quality materials available to the industry. Shaper Supply is also a manufacturer of surfboard shaping and glassing tools, with a core ethos of creating quality tools which are built to last a lifetime.

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