Shaper Supply can connect you as the student to an instructor to walk you through the steps of shaping your first surfboard. We do this by offering free referrals to a surfboard shaper in your area that offers instruction. More and more shapers are now offering lessons, and we will reach out to our network to connect you with a shaper in your area.  


The first question we always get is how much? Remember, we are just offering a free referral so each shaping instructor will have their own pricing. Any reputable shaper is going to charge you more than the cost of their off-the-rack surfboard, and be weary if anyone marketing a lesson that is the same cost of a board. All of our referrals are top-notch shapers so that you begin with a foundation of the proper techniques and surfboard design knowledge. 



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    We offer a worldwide network of shapers ready to help you shape your first surfboard.

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