Shaper Supply connects you as the student to our worldwide network of board-builders to meet a local shaper, willing to teach you how to shape your first board. However, if you're on the fence at all about wanting to shape your first board solo - we say go for it! We offer instructional videos and books, and you can find a ton of free shaping videos online.

Although if space is tight, or you just want assistance to make sure it comes out top-notch, then a surfboard shaping lesson might be the way to go. Our pricing system allows the experience to be affordable, and it results in a high-end board that is the students to keep and surf! 

Introductory Shaping Lesson

Shaping Instruction $110 / hour
Designed for people with no previous shaping experience. 
Instructor / student introduction after deposit is received.
One-on-one professional instruction to shape a surfboard from a foam blank.
Covers surfboard design, shaping bay, tool selection and safety, rough shaping, rail design, fine-tuning, and finish-sanding.
Requires approx. 4 hours for boards under 8'.
Longboards 8'+ may require up to 5 hours.
    See breakdown estimate below for complete "ready-to-surf" board costs with this lesson.


Education and manufacturing tips.
Coming Soon


    We offer a worldwide network of shapers ready to help you shape your first surfboard.

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