Shaper Supply can connect you as the student to an instructor to walk you through the steps of shaping your first surfboard.  We offer surfboard shaping lessons from our Costa Mesa, California location which can be booked by simply clicking the link below.  If you're not in the Southern California area and looking for shaping instruction, please shoot us an email.  More and more shapers are now offering lessons, and we will reach out to our network to connect you with a shaper in your area.  


Introductory Shaping Lessons

Designed for people with no previous shaping experience or those that want to improve their skills. 
Our instruction rate $75/hour + materials cost.
Lessons at our shaping bay in Costa Mesa, California.
One-on-one instruction by a professional shaper to shape a surfboard from a foam blank.
Requires approx. 4 hours for boards under 8'.
Longboards 8'+ may require more time.
Covers surfboard design, shaping bay, tool selection and safety, rough shaping, rail design, fine-tuning, and finish-sanding.


Check out the latest videos of our tools in action! 


    Far away? We offer a worldwide network of shapers ready to help you shape your first surfboard.

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