Machined Modern Fish

$265.00 USD

The design features a single-concave from almost the nose that gets pretty deep before transitioning to a double-concave in between the feet. The double-concave goes all the way out through the tail. Ultra-refined curvy outline with a pulled in tail to allow for tighter turns. Skatey and loose, but still good drive with the deep concaves. Quad fin set up recommended. 

Pre-Shaped Blanks are milled by a 3-axis CNC surfboard shaping machine. The machine completely shapes the board - including shaping the rails and bottom contours. The cnc shaped blank will require just a light "finish-sanding" to remove the grooves left over by the machine.

Customer can choose PU or EPS foam.

This item is made to order. Current production time for milling is approximately 2 weeks. 

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