Arctic Foam 5'10 MF

$92.00 USD

The Arctic Foam 5'10 MF (Mabile / Frye) fish blank features fuller rails than the regular "F" fish blank. This blank can also net shortboards, and is one of the most used Arctic blanks for CNC milling due to its versatility. 

Arctic Foam has recently developed the first-of-its-kind Bio-Polyurethane (Bio-PU) Foam for use in surfboard manufacturing. This new Bio-PU formula is manufactured by replacing the petroleum based polyols with bio-polyols derived from nut shells. I know, it's nuts! Arctic's new Bio-PU formula results in a polyurethane surfboard blank that features a 25% bio content. 

Most blanks can ship anywhere in the continental US for a shipping fee of $225.

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