Planer Flex-Hose Type-2

$26.00 USD

The new Planer Flex-Hose 'Type-2' is Longer, Stronger, and more Flexible. The most flexible planer hose we've seen, providing almost zero resistance as you move the planer. Features an extra-thick wall to prevent the hose from easily tearing or cracking. In addition, length has been increased as this hose stretches from 3 to 15 feet.

Foam dust flowing through planer hoses creates a large amount of friction and static charges that can lead to a painful shock. This new hose also features a copper-coated coil which can help dissipate the static build-up. 

Note: While this hose can reduce static shocks, it may not prevent the problem 100%. Some planers may still require grounding when used with flexible vacuum hoses. 

Made in USA.

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