Fin Channel Jig-Plate

$65.00 USD

The Longboard Fin Channel Jig is designed for installing the standard 10.5" center fin channels. You can simply slide the plate forward or back for the larger and smaller boxes. Thick aluminum plate, with non-slip rubber mat on the bottom. Metal construction never wears - built to last a lifetime.

Uses common 1/2" diameter x 1" length, top-bearing flush trim bit. Produces a professional tight, 1/16" margin for resin around the sides of fin channel.

101 Tip - Always make multiple depth cut passes (ie 1/2", then 3/4") rather than attempting to cut the full depth at once. Also work slowly through stringer to avoid splintering. The top-bearing runs along inside of jigplate just like FCS II / Fusion installation.  


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