Resin Research Bio-CE

$95.00 USD

The new Resin Research Bio-Science resins are ECOBOARD certified plant-based epoxies which offer a reduced carbon footprint. 

Resin Research CE was developed to optically enhance the brightness of white boards. CE is the most popular epoxy resin used throughout the US surfboard manufacturing industry.

2000 CE is not intended for use resin tints, airbrush color, or wood laminates. Use Resin Research Bio-Clear with colorwork instead. 

Slow Hardener (2100S) pot life ~ 30 mins, flip time ~ 4 hrs. 
Fast Hardener (2100F) pot life ~ 20 mins, flip time ~ 2 hrs. 
Kwik Hardener (KWIK) pot life ~ 15 mins, flip time ~ 1.5 hrs.

* Fast hardener 3-quart size pictured. 

* Epoxy resins are not available for will-call orders (shipping only). 

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